Welcome to Homer

After selling our business and retiring we sold our home in Franklin, Michigan and were guided by angels to this wonderful space in White Lake, Michigan.  Immediately upon setting foot (or tire as the case may be) on the driveway, a sense of peace comes over you and you feel you are home.

We moved in the Autumn of 2005.  After several months it became clear to me that this place did not belong to me but was entrusted to me.  We named it Homer for no reason except that was the name that came to us and it seemed to fit.  Over the years we have been blessed with four miniature goats.  They are Ben, Jerry, Lucy and Little Ricky.  Two miniature donkeys, George and Arthur and two dogs a labradoodle named Gracie and a shitzu named Jack. 

Homer has beautiful gardens, playhouses, tree-houses, fairy gardens, two barns, pastures, barnyards, beautiful wetlands and a lake. 

Homer is an enchanted space and you are welcome to visit whenever the mood strikes and stay as long as you want.

Linda & Joe Erlich

Homer is an enchanted space ....on a lake ....in the middle of the woods.... in the middle of a city...............